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At TTC wetranslate, we specialize in expert translation services spanning over 100 languages. Dive into our extensive portfolio and explore the myriad of languages we masterfully handle. Need a personalized service? Reach out for a tailored quote that suits your unique requirements.

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our translation scope is as diverse as our clientele. Our seasoned translators are not just linguists; they’re industry-specific experts, covering over 20 business domains to ensure contextually accurate translations.

Our commitment? Deeply understanding your requirements and surpassing industry standards in service delivery. Every word, every sentence, and every document is handled with utmost precision and care.

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Ready to expand your brand’s reach into the Welsh market? Your success in Wales begins with the words you use. Choose us as your partner for Welsh translation services.


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Get quality translations at rates that respect your bottom line. We charge by the word, making our pricing as clear and straightforward as our translations.

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We settle for nothing less than perfection. Every translation is a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Native linguists, industry experts – people who speak Welsh as the heart speaks, not just as a skill.

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Ibrahim Akar
Ibrahim Akar
I have worked with TTC wetranslate Ltd for my translations and I am quite happy with the work which has been delivered by them. I cannot fail them for anything really since I have been provided very professional work. Levent and Denise are really professional in every aspect so I would really recommend TTC for those who needs any kind of translation.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor
We regularly collaborate with TTC Wetranslate and have for the last 20yrs or so, always been impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism from Levent and his team. We will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future and consider them true 'partners' to our business.
Julian Portier
Julian Portier
Great service and would highly recommend TTC wetranslate Ltd
Alister Bailey
Alister Bailey
Absolute 100% 5-star service to me! Aykut and Aysun were superb, providing a fast, friendly efficient service at excellent cost ! I was really impressed by their clear communication from start to finish and I will certainly be using their services in future. A. Bailey
Pelin and her team worked over and beyond for my project translating English documents to French and Dutch. Palin kept in touch at every stage, making sure we were kept in the loop and had a quick turnaround of translations. I would recommend this company to any of my clients to use.
Karolina Wlodarczyk
Karolina Wlodarczyk
Excellent service and ease of communication. Highly recommend.
Lucia Fukuthi
Lucia Fukuthi
Thanks TTC Wetranslate Ltd. Your assistance in arranging Ukrainian translators, who donated their time and effort, in order to translate so many documents required by the Home Office is really appreciated. The visa application for our relative’s child, who had to flee this senseless war, to join us in the UK, was made much easier with your help. We really appreciate such generosity and kindness!
Mike Snowdon
Mike Snowdon
4th time I've used their translation services and again faultless experience. Easy to communicate and efficient work. Thanks again.
Theresa Ashford
Theresa Ashford
Excellent Arabic and French translations provided by TTC. A prompt and efficient service.
Team WEO
Team WEO
What a wonderful company! We approached TTC as we needed help in translating a document for the Afghan refugees. I liaised with Denise who was extremely helpful and not only did TTC immediately offer assistance, but they also provided this service absolutely free of charge. Levent went beyond what was required in assisting us and additionally donated towards the project. Could not recommend this company enough - Professional, efficient and an excellent community spirit!


Who needs/uses translation services?

Translation services are used by any individual, company or organisation that needs to have their message or information available in a different language.

Among the many industries who frequently require translation services are:

  • Information and Technology – technical documents, user manuals, training manuals, software localisation, hardware, website localisation, user interfaces
  • Business, Finance and Banking – periodic reports, business letters, financial statements, tender documents, proposals, insurance documents, newsletters
  • Legal and Judiciary – agreements, contracts, terms and conditions, legal verdicts, legal communication, patents
  • Medical and Life Sciences – medical reports, patents, patient records, informational brochures, prescriptions, clinical trials, back translation, informed consent forms, pharmacological reports
  • Marketing – advertisement materials, leaflets, flyers, catalogues, websites, tweets, social media posts, presentations, newsletters, blogs
  • Travel and Tourism – hospitality, hotel chains, listings, reports, menus, information bulletins, documentary films, catalogs
  • Personal – IDs, passports, marriage certificates, transcripts, birth certificates

How much do translation services cost?

Our pricing is based on the word count, complexity, and urgency of the project. We provide free, detailed quotes before we start.

Which file formats can be translated?

Literally you can get most of the digital document formats translated, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Google Documents
  • Adobe (InDesign, FrameMaker, PDF, Photoshop)
  • XLIFF (1.2 and 2.0)
  • DITA
  • QuarkXpress (.tag, .xtg)
  • WordPress and Drupal Contents

How long does it take to complete a translation?

Standard documents are typically completed within 3-5 business days. We also offer expedited services if you’re in a rush.

What is Translation Memory (TM) and how can it help you?

Translation Memory (TM) is a CAT (computer-aided translation) tool feature that enables users to store their translations in bilingual (or multilingual) format with context and identification data (when, who, document name). Thanks to that feature of CAT tools, you can easily update your already translated documents without re-translating everything. You just need to translate new content, however the document should be translated in a CAT tool previously. If not, you need an alignment with the source and target files to create a TM. Apart from consistency and quality, this helps you to save time and money.

Are your translators certified and experienced?

Absolutely. All our translators are certified professionals with a minimum of five years’ experience in their fields..

Will the translation be accepted by government and official institutions?

Our certified translations are accepted by UK authorities as we are an accredited company. Outside the UK, Apostilled or Notarised translations may be required. Contact us for free consultation. 

Is my information kept confidential during the translation process?

Absolutely. We have strict confidentiality protocols in place to protect all client information.

Can you provide a Apostilled and/or notarized translation if required?

Yes, we offer both Apostilled  and notarized translation services. Contact us for a free quote.

How can I send my documents to you, and how will the translations be delivered back to me?

Best way to send your documents to us is by email. 

Are there different versions of French?

Yes, there are a variety of dialects and regional variations. Here is a general breakdown:

  • Metropolitan French (also called Standard French)
  • Canadian French
  • Belgian French
  • Swiss French
  • African French
  • Creole Languages

While all these varieties share the basic structure of French and a significant portion of vocabulary, they can differ widely in terms of pronunciation, additional vocabulary, and certain uses of grammar.


What measures do you have in place to ensure cultural sensitivity and appropriateness in translations?

Our translators are culturally sensitive and highly trained to provide translations that are not only linguistically accurate but also culturally appropriate and respectful.

Key benefits of working with us