Translation Challenge Competition - celebrating 11th anniversary

The year 2024  marks the 11th anniversary of The Translation Challenge, a premier competition for aspiring translation students. 

Since its inception, The Translation Challenge has provided translation students with the unique opportunity to work with real clients and experience the challenges and rewards of being part of a translation team.

As we celebrate a decade of this exciting competition, we are thrilled to continue offering aspiring translators the chance to showcase their skills and potentially launch their careers in the field of translation. 

Join us in celebrating 11 years of The Translation Challenge.


 Here are the stakeholders of the Translation Challenge:

  • The University lecturers/administrators
  • Translation students
  • Company sponsoring the competition
  • TTC wetranslate as the organiser

We are very proud to have been growing the Translation Challenge over 2 countries and 4 universities over the past 9 years!

We have been organising the competition with the participation of University of Essex from the UK since 2014, Dokuz Eylül University from Izmir, Turkey since 2018 and Ege University from again Izmir, Turkey since 2020. And Agri Ibrahim Cecin University since 2023.  

Each year, TTC wetranslate brings together universities and sponsors from the sector; and gives the translation students an unforgettable real-life experience. They don’t only compete to be the winner, but they also gain a realistic experience in the field. The aim is to engage translation students in a real-life translation project and give them the experience of being a translator in the world of commerce and industry. The students work in teams with different team members taking on specific responsibilities. So far, the Translation Challenge has seen over hundreds of students participating each year in 9 different languages.

There is a new sponsor company each year for the event. The sponsor can be an existing or potential client of TTC wetranslate who operates globally and that has a translation assignment.

The sponsor is required to provide a document, such as a marketing document or a website landing page, of up to 1,000 words to be translated. In addition, the sponsor would need to give a short brief to the students, in person via Skype during the launch of the Challenge about their company and how they see languages for their business and/or their growth strategy.

If possible, the sponsor would also need to be present (or via Skype) during the Opening Ceremony, which usually takes place in January, and when the winners are announced during the Award Ceremony, which is held after approx. 1 month from launch.

Meet our sponsors

Each year, we are looking for companies who would like to benefit from next year’s Translation Challenge. The sponsor should be company with a translation assignment.

If you’re interested in getting involved – or you know a company who might be – and if any of the following apply to you, you’re just who we’re looking for:

  • Your website or marketing material needs translation into a number of other languages,
  • You already operate overseas and want to expand into new countries,
  • You want to expand overseas, but have not yet decided which country to start with,
  • You have documentation that needs to be in other languages, whether this is a brochure, product information or something else.

As a sponsor, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Fuel your global growth,
  • Promote your business to a wider audience,
  • Find an opportunity to cooperate with major educational institutions,
  • Encourage the translation students to put their skills into action, and;
  • Access to a pool of potential interns for future collaboration.

All we need from our sponsors is to:

  • Provide us with a document of up to 1000 words to be translated into 8 languages.
  • Join us in the opening ceremony or send us a short video to brief students from 3 universities about their business and what they expect from the translation.

If you want to:

  • Expand into new markets,
  • Promote your business to a wider audience, and;
  • Get a free translation in up to 8 languages,

Then Translation Challenge is the ideal opportunity for you!

If you would like your company to take part in the Translation Challenge, please contact us at

Some memorable moments from previous challenges