Agricultural Machinery

Looking for accurate and reliable agricultural machinery translations? Look no further than TTC wetranslate. Our expert translators specialize in the agricultural industry and can provide high-quality translations for all your machinery-related needs. 

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery is like a mobile factory with thousands of intricate parts, making it a complex device that demands precision. As time is of the essence in agriculture, the moment a product is harvested can affect its quality and cost. To ensure that these machines are properly understood, the technical manuals and guides need to be clear and concise in every language. This is where we excel.

Our team of experienced translators specializes in agricultural machinery translations and understands the importance of attention to detail when it comes to these vehicles.

We have successfully localized complex machines for our clients’ export markets, providing native speaking linguists in over 100+ languages worldwide, including German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, French, and Dutch.

At TTC wetranslate, we take pride in being a trusted partner of industry leaders such as Ploeger, serving them for many years. With our expert translation services, we ensure that these intricate and delicate machines can be used efficiently across the globe. Let us help you break through language barriers and expand your business to new heights.

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Client Success Story

The client

Ploeger is a specialist in harvesting and application technology and manufactures machines that correspond entirely to the customer’s needs.

Since its founding in 1959, Ploeger has put all its energy into the development and manufacture of self-propelled harvesting machines. In 2017 Ploeger added the application technology to the product range.

Case Study

Did you know that a combine harvester has over 9000 parts? These highly technical and technological machines are like moving factories. You can step inside one of these harvesters and feel like you are in a space shuttle!

Harvest time for each crop is different and limited. The importance of these machines come into play during these seasons – working 24/7 to make the best of the harvest.

So does the importance of their translation come into play when they need to display the same precision and critical details in any language.

The challenge

Ploeger required a translation into Italian for two documents they have. One of the documents was a legal homologation and also contained manual-like instructions. The other document was a longer manual, and also contained user interface related text which was technical and in a highly specific subject area. So in relation with the nature of these documents, one translation project contained three different subject matters. They needed to be precise, correct and aimed for the targeted Italian audience.

The solution

TTC wetranslate operations manager collected all necessary data about this project and distinguished it from the usual jobs. She made sure that the TTC wetranslate project manager and the approved translators of the account were provided with a brief before the translation stage started.

During the translation agricultural, legal and technical aspects of the text have been kept in mind, and the linguist ran the necessary quality assurance steps using computer-assisted translation tools.

Once the translation was complete, with the effectiveness of technology, TTC project manager ensured the translated text met the expected quality standards before delivering it to the client. As the next step, the documents were cross-checked visually to ensure the formatting matched the original source.

The final version of the translated documents were delivered to the client in the requested file format and within the agreed timeframe.

The feedback

‘You were fast in responding to my quote request – I received my quote promptly. The TTC wetranslate project manager kept me informed very well and I can rate TTC as excellent in meeting deadlines. I am very likely to use your services in the future. I can describe my overall project management experience with TTC wetranslate as professional, prompt and effective. In brief: Good work. On time and the translation looks great. Thank you.’

IT Manager  – Ploeger

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