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As one of the fastest growing global industries, the electronics industry depends heavily on professional and high quality translation and localisation services to get into new markets and territories.

Electronics translation is a complex one in its nature and usually come with detailed documentation and user guides to ensure a safe installation, development, testing and operating. Thanks to this multi-layered process of the electronics industry, your electronics translations should speak to a variety of audiences in different levels and languages and your business’s success in the overseas markets relies on the quality of these translations.

Here at TTC wetranslate we understand the multi-layered nature of electronics translation and assist some of the world’s top electronics companies carry their messages across with the help of our highly skilled and experienced linguists in the field of electronics translation in over 100+ languages in both technical documentations and marketing side of your electronics business.

Client Success Story

The client

AMC Elettronica was founded in 1974 and within a few years the Company established itself as a successful player within the Security Sector. Today AMC has a well-established international distribution network, featuring excellent products, ‘Made in Italy’ and paying special attention to detail when designing the products. Their main activity is the production and the commercialisation of Alarm components.

The challenge

AMC required their installer manual intended for the French Market translated into French. Keeping the files in the original language would have increased the chances of staff in France installing their products incorrectly, which could have had a negative impact on AMC’s brand and reputation.

The solution

TTC understood the importance of translating the Installer manuals accurately into French. After appointing a professional human translator who translates into their mother tongue and is specialised in AMC’s industry, TTC ensured that the files AMC received were fit for use in the French market. This resulted in the equipment being installed as instructed in accordance with the AMC brand’s promise, avoiding any negative consequences.

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