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You can observe the body language of the person or people you are with and use that to help you communicate effectively. What is their take on personal space, are they leaving a big gap between themselves and the person they’re talking to? Are they using any hand gestures? How loud are they speaking to each other? Is there anyone in the room that everyone is paying particular interest or respect to?

Cross-cultural communication takes work and the time spent in learning what is expected – and what you can expect – will pay off in successful negotiations.


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This kit will enable you to find out if your product is needed in the target country and the market potential. This will save time and money before you make the investment and will help you to calculate your return on investment.

We created our ‘New Export Market Checklist’ exactly for this purpose. It prompts you to seek information and facts on many levels, so you can make informed decisions about the suitability of the country you intend to expand to.


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There are plenty of examples where brand names in one language have been seriously embarrassing in another. You really do not want a blot on your reputation – and all the expense and effort of rebranding and relaunching.

Brand name checking is a particularly good investment and a useful step even if you are not planning to go global. This will make sure that the brand name chosen for your new product is suitable for an international audience.

If there is a similar brand name to yours in the new export market, they may be able to stop your operations by preventing the use of a particular brand name in their market.

Unless your brand name is protected in that country, you will not be able to operate there.


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Whether you are an e-commerce business, marketing digital products or sending physical goods to a new market, this is a new beginning for you. Get this started correctly and you will have potential new
markets for growth and new doors will be opened for you. This is much more doable and cost-effective than trying to grow in a saturated market or where you have diminishing returns.

This new market presents you with an opportunity to get connected with a new audience and once this is successful, you can repeat the process for other export markets.

Being involved in international trade will also increase your company’s innovative and creative skills, which will help you offer even better products or services to your domestic market.

It is critical that you have the right start in the new export market. Here is a 10-step checklist that may
be useful for you to check against your progress.