TTC Thursdays!

Welcome to TTC Thursdays, where fun meets good will!

As TTC wetranslate family, we are happy to announce that we have recently started a new tradition! Every Thursday, we come together online with all our colleagues for half an hour and organize different team building events such as ‘colleague in the spotlight’ in which we ask fun questions to one colleague in order to get to know them better or ‘Quiplash’ where we answer to some random questions and vote for the funniest response!

TTC Thursdays have turned into a tradition for the past couple of months and have allowed us to get to know one another better while adding some fun to a working week. Recently, we have also decided to turn our Thursdays into something valuable for others too and every week we donate to a charity of choice of one of our colleagues!

So far, we have made donations to charities like TEV, MIND and Haydok, which vary between causes like animal rights, education support and mental support.

We are looking forward to be supporting many more wonderful causes through similar charities and give back to our communities!


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