Label Design and Translations

There’s no doubt that the market for label design and label printing software is thriving! The industry’s market revenue is expected to double its current size in the next 5 years.

Having such a wide reach, what exactly does the label printing software industry do and what are the challenges of label design and management?

Label printing software is used to help you  design and print labels for almost any business activity. You can use it for inventory tracking and shipping as well as for customer tags on items at your store. With this type of software, businesses can create customized labels to meet customer requirements or laws and regulations. Label printing software can be used by a variety of businesses including warehouses, inventory departments and logistics.

Labelling can be a tediously time-consuming and expensive task for any business but the right label design software and label management system can help companies of all sizes improve the quality, speed and efficiency of their labelling, while reducing costs.

Thanks to the wide range of sectors that would benefit from label designing and printing, the sector continues to extend its reach to more and more overseas markets. The bigger players in the industry have been – and still are – growing their businesses out of their domestic markets and into new foreign export markets.

With unseen growth opportunities of the sector, 2022 might be the perfect year for the companies in the labelling software industry to set their eyes on the global scene.

Here at TTC wetranslate, we have been assisting our clients working in the labelling software industry for years with their language needs on the road to global expansion. We understand the complexity of the sector and its requirements and work with native translators who understand the importance of accurate translations given the specific terminology of the labelling software industry.

If you need assistance getting your content localized or just like to have a no-obligation chat about how we may assist you, we’d love to have the opportunity to share our experience.

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