How to Avoid Top Translation Mistakes

Translation mistakes cost money and time and can damage your company’s reputation.

What’s Inside the Brochure?

Not agreeing on the quality criteria

There is tremendous potential for disappointment when the quality criteria is not clearly defined and questions are unanswered prior to the start of a translation project.

Not telling your translator what it’s for

One common mistake is not letting your translator know why a translation is needed. By being specific you will ensure that the translation is fit for purpose.

Not using previously translated documents

Your previous translations can be your biggest assets for protecting your brand, as they save money and ensure consistency.

About the Author

Levent Yildizgoren

The driving force behind the success of TTC wetranslate and an advocate for making the translation industry accountable and relevant, Levent Yildizgoren has transformed his business into a linguistic hub for clients looking to conquer new markets overseas.

A prolific and driven entrepreneur, Levent works closely with his clients to overcome the language barriers and help them grow their business globally.

A thought leader on the future of the translation industry, Levent also created the annual Translation Challenge, an annual event celebrating its 8th year that brings together language students to give them real-life translator experience in a business setting.

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