Great result following TTC’s 24 Hour Bikeathon

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We have covered 1047 km with 65 riders taking turns in our 24 Hour Bikeathon event on 13 and 14 September 2014. Big thank you to all of you for donating money and/or taking part. The Bikeathon aimed at raising funds for a global charity, Translators Without Borders and Kids Inspire, a Chelmsford based local charity.

Rebecca Petras, Programme Director at Translators Without Borders said in her letter addressed to supporters “I am writing to you to let you know that your great efforts in running and biking have made it possible to fully funded our Newborn Video Project, translating 15 Global Health Media Project videos into Swahili! Thank you very much for your contribution to improving access to knowledge around the world!”

We are all very pleased that our efforts has resulted in something concrete that will help the ‘Newborn Video Project’.

For further information on both charities activities and to make a donation please see the links below:

Translators Without Borders:

Kids Inspire:







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