Bedford Translations is part of TTC wetranslate Ltd!

Who is Bedford Translations?

Founded in 1983 by James Valentine and Gerta Badde, Bedford Translations has been a well-respected and highly regarded technical translation company with over three decades of experience in the translation industry.

As a full member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a corporate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), they specialised in technical, legal and financial translations with clients who are the leaders of their respective sectors such as ITV Studios Limited, Pearson Longman, Kier Construction Ltd, Satra Technology Centre, Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Institute, PCC Sterling Ltd.

What’s changed?

As of 6 April 2016, Bedford Translations is a part of TTC wetranslate Ltd.

The addition of Bedford Translations to TTC wetranslate Ltd will bring many new opportunities and customers of both companies will benefit from the strengthened position of the combined entity.

‘We are happy to have found a translation agency with similar values and high regard for quality. We are very excited that we are gaining the skills and expertise of the Bedford Translations team.’
Levent Yildizgoren
Co-founder of TTC wetranslate Ltd

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Abigail Hatter
Managing Director


Professional Translation & Editing Services

Get the highest-quality translation services without spending your precious time.

Interpreting Services

We can ensure your business meeting is delivering the same message in every language.


Reach a global audience by presenting your  products in their language.

Are you facing any of the below?

Feeling stuck in your domestic market

You may be feeling like you are stuck in your domestic market while everyone is expanding their business overseas.

Difficulty in communicating with your multinational customers

People like to do business in their language. You may be losing customers just by not providing information in their language.

Not gaining enough revenue from your global customers

You may be missing out on job opportunities from your global customers and this can result in low revenues.

Poor traffic in your eCommerce website

Your website and as a result your business might be getting poor reactions and it can keep you from gaining a global platform.

Spending too much time and energy on translation projects

You may be spending too much of your valuable time and manpower trying to manage translations.

Lack of connection with your international customers

You may be feeling out of touch with your international customers due to language barriers.

Results our customers have achieved by working with us

A Place in the Global Market

High-quality language services can open the way to international markets and secure you a place on the global scene.

Happier Customers

Providing services in their language shows your customers that you care and results in happier relationships.

Increased Revenue

Being able to reach an international customer base equals increased revenues in the long run.

Stronger Presence in the World Wide Web

A localized website will draw traffic from more than your local customers.

More Time and Energy

Placing your translation jobs with a trustworthy translation company means you’ll have more quality time on your hands.

Healthier Connections

By removing the language barriers, you will feel more in touch with your global customers than you ever were.

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