International E-Commerce Translation DOs and DON’Ts

One of the key features for a successful and international e-commerce business is providing information in the user’s native language. Translation is a critical matter for international e-commerce.

What’s Inside the Brochure?

DO think internationally from day one

If you are reading this when you are just starting or planning to start your business, you are on the right track. Thinking internationally from the start means you can plan towards global growth.

DON’T ignore the culture factor

If you want your message to be conveyed to your target country successfully, you should adapt the message first, to be phrased in a way that works in your target language.

DO translate user reviews and client support

Clients are more likely to buy products that have user reviews and they will appreciate it if this content is in their own language.

About the Author

Levent Yildizgoren

The driving force behind the success of TTC wetranslate and an advocate for making the translation industry accountable and relevant, Levent Yildizgoren has transformed his business into a linguistic hub for clients looking to conquer new markets overseas.

A prolific and driven entrepreneur, Levent works closely with his clients to overcome the language barriers and help them grow their business globally.

A thought leader on the future of the translation industry, Levent also created the annual Translation Challenge, an annual event celebrating its 8th year that brings together language students to give them real-life translator experience in a business setting.

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