Discover how to grow your business globally

New e-commerce and web technologies have brought international trade to a new dimension.

Small to medium size business owners/directors need to stop resisting entering the global market and start using the help and support that is available to them.

This booklet intends to raise awareness about international trade and provides an introduction on how to do this and how to grow your business globally.

What’s Inside the Booklet?

7 reasons for international trade

No matter how attractive and how much of a ‘must have’ your product seems to be, a home market will always have a finite capacity.


This is not a book about marketing theory but this model is tried-and-tested and will help you on your journey.

Planning and strategy - Assessing your readiness

Companies who treat international trade as an extension of their domestic sales activity are more likely to fail.

Market research

Market research is essential in order to establish where and when to trade and in order to reduce international trade risks.

Essential mistakes to avoid in international trade

Different markets require different approaches. A product or service that is very profitable in your domestic market may not be so successful in an overseas market.

Checklist for preparation

The list in this booklet highlights the rules and regulations around VAT, export licences, permits and trade preferences.

About the Author

Levent Yildizgoren

The driving force behind the success of TTC wetranslate and an advocate for making the translation industry accountable and relevant, Levent Yildizgoren has transformed his business into a linguistic hub for clients looking to conquer new markets overseas.

A prolific and driven entrepreneur, Levent works closely with his clients to overcome the language barriers and help them grow their business globally.

A thought leader on the future of the translation industry, Levent also created the annual Translation Challenge, an event that brings together language students to give them real-life translator experience in a business setting, helping to nurture and support future talent for the sector.

He has worked in the language industry for 28 years and is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and visiting lecturer at Essex University.

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