Avon Protection

Avon Protection is a recognised world leader in respiratory and ballistic protection system technology. They specialise primarily in the Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and industries.

Avon Protection was running a training course for their technicians from Latin America. They required translation of their 61-page Maintenance Manual into Latin American Spanish, so the technicians could safely use the equipment. They also required typesetting of the text, so that the text fitted correctly with the images in the manual.

This is highly technical subject matter, where accuracy is of paramount importance for safety.

The TTC Project Manager managed the project smoothly from start to finish, liaising with the client, and all the expert translators, who we chose specifically for their knowledge of technical terminology in Latin American Spanish. Once the translation was complete, our in-house typesetting expert, Denise completed the typesetting and delivered back the manuals ready for the technicians to use.

What the client said:

Avon Protection has been using TTC for over 7 years now. We are extremely happy with the service we receive from them. The quote turnaround time is quick within 24 hours which makes the process much easier for Avon when working to a quick turnaround in translations. We work in over 58 countries so have a huge remit in terms of languages and TTC have never failed to deliver on a required language. They are competitive on price and are extremely friendly and helpful to deal with. The quality of the work is superb and for us they have assisted with our approval process by supplying on request verification certificates for translations which are essential for our industrial approval standards for manufacturing CE and NIOSH approved products. In addition they have provided an additional service of setting artwork for us which has help us massively with graphic design resource and enabling our designer to concentrate on more creative projects. I would definitely recommend TTC. 

Julia Green – EMEA Marketing Manager at Avon Protection